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Sorry about my english grammar.

I am written a simple BROWSER based script with Coffeescript. but things start to get too messy and now I want to separete my classes on different files, to be more organized.

I just need to know how I make something like the require of PHP.

I got node plus coffee watching my files and compiling everytime I save my files.

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Use require.js to load and organize your script files.

Once you are in production, you can use r.js to compile your client side project (coffee to js) and minify it to one single file.

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require.js can be a bit challenging if you're just beginning. You can also import them via the script tag and use a document.ready wrapper. Then, you just use them as if they ARE there. Also, if you're comfortable with node.js (which is essentially javascript), you might like using its require function, it's a lot easier than working with require.js/ r.js/ almond.js –  film42 Jun 19 '13 at 5:52
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