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I have a table which has a dropdown above each column where the number of columns is dynamic. I created this as follows

            <table class='table' >
                    <th ng-repeat= "item in importTable[0]">
                        <select ng-model="selectedItem" ng-options="i.Name for i in optionList"></select>
                <tr ng-repeat="row in importTable">
                    <td ng-repeat="item in row">{{ item }} </td>

Where optionList is the list of options in the dropdowns. All of the dropdowns have the same optionList.

How do I add the selected item along with the index of the column it is above to the scope to the model?

Here is a link to JSfiddle http://jsfiddle.net/U3pVM/769/ just click import. I want to be able to define which column is which type.

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The column index should then be a property of each item in the array. Post what you are actually trying to do in a fiddle or something. It seems like you are looking for a solution to a solution to a problem that we don't know about. –  James Kleeh Jun 18 '13 at 19:51
Hi thanks for the reply here is a link. i hope this explains it better! jsfiddle.net/U3pVM/769 –  user1168234 Jun 18 '13 at 20:37

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You may use $index variable that is provided by ngRepeat to set the ngModel to a specific item in an array:

In your controller you first define the array that will hold all the models:

function ImportCtrl($scope) {   
  $scope.selectedItems = [];

And than, inside the ngRepeat you refer your ngModel to a specific item inside the selectedItemsarray:

<select ng-model="selectedItems[$index]" ng-options="i.Name for i in columnNames"></select>


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