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I capture some photos with the camera (Phonegap) and save the image/url in an array. To display the image i would like to add something like this (image will be shown in a table):

<!-- language: lang-html -->
<div class='ui-block-b'><img src=" + value + "></div>";

So i know i need a directive for this. My problem is to understand how to react when a new image/item will be added to the array so that i can display it.

Should i watch the array?

<!-- language: lang-js -->
angular.module('mydirectives').directive("ngImage", function ($compile) {
    return {
        template: "<div class='ui-block-b'><img src=" + {{images.image}} + "></div>",
        scope: {
        link: function (scope, elm) {           
        scope.$watch(images, function (value) {

            // ??????
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Add ng-repeat on the ui-block-b element? –  James Kleeh Jun 18 '13 at 19:43
I think a directive would be better in case of different ui-block elements (ui-block-a, ui-block-b)...what do you think? And i have the possibility to add further "html" ... –  DehMotth Jun 18 '13 at 19:51

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Do you need a directive? You can just do it with built in directives:

<div data-ng-repeat="item in images" class="ui-block-b"><img data-ng-src="item.image"></div>

ngRepeat watches images. You just need to images.push({image: 'newUrl', imageType: 'A'}). In addition, if you're just conditionally adding classes then you can just do something like:

<div data-ng-repeat="item in images" data-ng-class="{'ui-block-b': item.imageType == 'B', 'ui-block-a': item.imageType == 'A'}"><img data-ng-src="item".image></div>

And if you still want to do it with your own directive, then what you want is to watch a collection $scope.$watchCollection which is probably a bit complex. You can also try watching just the length property of the collection.

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Noogen - thanks, this was a very good idea! But there is a mistake: img data-ng-src="item".image --> "item.image" OR? --> "{{item.image}}" ... The last one did it for me ... –  DehMotth Jun 19 '13 at 8:12

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