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I am trying to make WPA2 authentication on windows client using PEAPv0 as inner authentication method. I am able to make the handshake and establish the tunnel. When I send the first application data, Identity/Request (server->client). I see in the logfile of the windows client:

-PeapDecryptTunnelData dwSizeofData = 0x1e, pData = 0x2fe281e

-PeapDecryptTunnelData completed with status 0x80090308

-Failed to decrypt packet.

-PeapDecryptTunnelData failed: silently discarding packet.

As the logfile says the client is not giving response and no further clues about why it fails to decrypt the PEAPTunnelData.

I am using java to make the server using SSLEngine. The server certificate has the windows extension added. Any clues or advices would be appreciated. If more information is needed to clarify something, just let me know and I would edit to add it as soon as I can.

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