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I'm using jasmine-rails-0.4.5 and devise-2.2.3 in a standard rails-3.2 app. When I run bundle exec rake spec:javascript, in order to run the jasmine specs, I'm getting the following message: "Jasmine runner at '/specs' returned a 302 error: Found"

Since I'm using devise any request against the server that is not authenticated yet, it's being redirected to the log-in page. So far so good, that is the expected behavior from devise, but jasmine-rails need to access the /specs url in order to run the tests, so when it tries to access this it, it's getting this error: "Jasmine runner at '/specs' returned a 302 error: Found"

In my routes.rb file I added this line: "*mount JasmineRails::Engine => "/my_specs" if defined?(JasmineRails)*"

Any clue? Thanks

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You're being redirected probably because authorization is failing due to devise. Somehow you need to authorize access to this route. –  jefflunt Dec 14 '13 at 19:15
Yeap, I that was the error. Thanks! –  Emiliano Zilocchi Dec 20 '13 at 13:56

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