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I have those values in the ArrayList<DailyPoint> points:

  1. Bill: 2013-04-12,1150.0
  2. ImportBill: 2013-04-21,300.0
  3. Bill: 2013-04-28,1200.0
  4. ImportBill: 2013-04-29,100.0

Class DailyPoint:

public static class DailyPoint {
        public final String name;
        public final Date date;
        public final double total;
        public DailyPoint(String name,Date date,double total) {

Chart code:

ArrayList<DailyPoint> points;
DefaultCategoryDataset dataset = new DefaultCategoryDataset();
        if (points!=null) {
            for(int i=0;i<points.size();i++) {
                DailyPoint p=points.get(i);
                System.out.println(": "",";
            JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.createLineChart(
                    "Import Bills and Bills", "Date", "Total", dataset, 
                    PlotOrientation.HORIZONTAL, true, true, false);

The problem is i get blank chart... i have no idea why... also i had case when there were 7 points of ImportBill and 3 of Bill, only the points for ImportBill were shown...

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What are you expecting this chart to look like? Based on your data, I'm guessing a Time Series Chart might be a better fit? – DannyMo Jun 18 '13 at 20:39
Thank you, i will try it – Jovan Meshkov Jun 18 '13 at 21:32

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