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I am makeing a small project in flask/python in which I have got just ONE DATABASE, which has ONE table and ONE column init. BUT my DATABASE is giving an ERROR whenever I am checking my database by firing '''python dbase.py''' in cmd. It gives an ERROR which says...

""File "dbase.py", line 19, in cur.execute("INSERT INTO tdaba (input) VALUES (?)", daba) sqlite3.ProgrammingError: Incorrect number of bindings supplied. The current statement uses 1, and there are 3 supplied."""

I will be using this database to make online entry of TEXT into the column 'input' and for that I need the INSERT query.

My DATABASE name is "daba" and it is store in the file named "dbase.py" AND the code it has is::

import sqlite3 as lite
import sys

daba = (
    ('1st mssg'),
    ('my 2nd mssg'),
    ('3rd msg, How r U ?')

con = lite.connect('daba.db')

with con:

    cur = con.cursor()

    cur.execute("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS tdaba")
    cur.execute("CREATE TABLE tdaba(input TEXT)")
    cur.execute("INSERT INTO tdaba (input) VALUES (?)", daba)
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First problem is "daba". It is tuple of strings instead of tuple of tuples

In [1]: daba = (
....:     ('1st mssg'),
....:     ('my 2nd mssg'),
....:     ('3rd msg, How r U ?')
....: )
In [2]: daba
Out[2]: ('1st mssg', 'my 2nd mssg', '3rd msg, How r U ?')

Fixing - adding comma after each string (needed for tuples with one element).

daba = (
   ('1st mssg',),
   ('my 2nd mssg',),
   ('3rd msg, How r U ?',)

Second problem - execute method. You should use executemany. Check the samples.

cur.executemany("INSERT INTO tdaba (input) VALUES (?)", daba)
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