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I'm using this function in Bootstrap.php to cache my controllers , and i need to cache some controllers only I don't need to cache index controller and article controller as an example and i need to cache question controller but it does not working . this function is cached all my controllers

protected function _initCache()
    $dir = "/var/www/data/cache/all";

   $frontendOptions = array(
        'lifetime' => 3600,
        'content_type_memorization' => true,
        'default_options'           => array(
        'cache' => true,
        'cache_with_get_variables' => true,
        'cache_with_post_variables' => true,
        'cache_with_session_variables' => true,
        'cache_with_cookie_variables' => true,
    'regexps' => array(

             '^/$' => array('cache' => false),
            "^/question/" => array('cache' => true),
            "^/article/" => array('cache' => false),
    $backendOptions = array(
            'cache_dir' =>$dir

    // getting a Zend_Cache_Frontend_Page object
    $cache = Zend_Cache::factory('Page',


so what i can do I tried all soluations please help me. Thanks

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Create a controller plugin with that code, and detect the request. Something like...

if($request->getControllerName() == 'index' || ... == 'article') {
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Thank you I did somethings like your solution , but in my function in Bootstrap using $request = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; if ($request == 'artice') { /* my function to do Cache*/ } Thanks a lot – Osama Jetawe Jun 20 '13 at 14:07
Bad practice to do that. Try this instead. – James Elliott Jun 20 '13 at 14:22

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