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I have a rather complex problem so bare with me. I have a page that displays 4 highcharts (each in their own div) and I want to export all 4 into a single pdf using phantomjs and highcharts-convert.js. Passing a .json file to phantom doesn't sound like a good option because from what I can tell highcharts-convert can only accept one chart's worth of data at a time.

I like the idea of running highcharts-convert as a server but I wouldn't want to make 4 POSTs to it.

Does highcharts-convert accept an SVG string via POST? If so, I can just assemble a big chunk of svg containing all four charts and POST it to the server when the user clicks my custom export button.

I'm having trouble testing this locally via IIS because I keep getting HTTP Verb errors when I try to post to from localhost:8080

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Please take look at realted article about exporting multiply charts$export-multiple

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That's not what I asked. I've been using and expanding on the multiple export method you mentioned for some time with great results. My question is can you pass an svg string to highcharts-convert when using phantomjs? Look at the JSON structured POST sample on this article under Start as a Webserver. I'm not smart enough with IIS to set up a local test in a way that will allow me to try. – Joel Stransky Jun 21 '13 at 3:57

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