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I was previously running Enthought EPD 7.3.2, but switched over to Canopy (academic license). I completely uninstalled EPD before running the Canopy install.

After installing Canopy, I have a shortcut to IDLE in the Canopy start menu folder, but I can't get it to launch (I click it and nothing happens). Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Canopy, but am having the same issue.

Running the 64-bit version of Canopy on Win7, 64bit.

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Canopy 1.0 and 1.0.1 versions have problems with tcl and TKinter, and IDLE doesn't work. This should be fixed in an update, which is just round the corner.

As an afterthought, is there a specific reason you wish to use IDLE? Canopy's editor comes integrated with an IPython console (along with many other goodies), which gives a much better user experience while programming, IMO. (Disclaimer: I work for Enthought)

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Thanks for the answer. And my reason for using IDLE is actually the lack of the features you describe. I'm running a Web crawler written in Python, and it's easier to run the code in IDLE than in Windows command prompt for my purposed (e.g. if it crashes I need to be able to look back at where things left off). I know this could be solved by some better logging than I'm doing now, but it's a strategy that's been working for now. – moustachio Jun 20 '13 at 16:39

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