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JXPath search in list of bean for rateCode value by empty iterator.

I have list of beans where i want to fetch all items having rateCode=R1 following is my code.

class MyBean{
private String rateCode;

public String getRateCode(){
return this.rateCode;

public void setRateCode(String rateCode){
List<MyBean> list = loadTestData();
JXPathContext ctx =  JXPathContext.newContext(list);
Iterator iter = authSrcContext.iterate("*[rateCode='R1']");

    Object bp = iter.next();
    MyBean bean = (MyBean)bp;

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Assuming the fact you don't use ctx but authSrcContext is a typo, you need a dot to reference the current list, in this case.

JXPathContext ctx =  JXPathContext.newContext(list);
Iterator<Object> iter = ctx.iterate(".[rateCode='R1']");
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