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So, Im writing a python script which will open a tar file and if there is a directory in it, my script will open that directory and check for files...

E = raw_input("Enter the tar file name: ") // This will take input from the user
tf = tarfile.open(E) // this will open the tar file

Now whats the best way to check it 'tf' is having directory or not ? Rather then going my terminal and doing ls there I want do something in the same python script that checks if there is a directory after unzipping the tar.

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In Python you can check to see if paths exist by using the os.path.exists(f) command, where f is a string representation of the filename and its path:

import os

path = 'path/filename'

if os.path.exists(path):
    print('it exists')


The tarfile object has a method "getnames()" which gives the paths of all the objects in the tar file.

paths = tf.getnames() #returns list of pathnames
f = paths[1] #say the 2nd element in the list is the file you want


Say there's a file named "file1" in directory "S3". Then one of the elements of tf.getnames() will be 'S3/file1'. Then you can extract it.

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but Im opening a tar file and I want to check if there is anything in it. Suppose I opened a tar file and it gets me a directory "S3". I want open 'S3'. How can I do it in my Python Script –  Nick Jun 18 '13 at 23:04
tf.getnames() gives the paths of all the files inside the tar object and then you can extract them with extractfile() –  xgord Jun 18 '13 at 23:35

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