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I have a list of links. What I want to do is attach a function to each link with jQuery; when the link is clicked, the function will run, and a pair of images will be loaded into a div (img ids "img1" and "img2"). Each link has the class "link", and will load a different pair of images. So, the first link will load Image 1A and Image 1B, the second will load Image 2A and 2B, and so on. I have the images in two arrays.

However, instead of attaching the calls like I want, it ends up loading the last two images of the arrays, after the page stops loading. What's more, clicking on the links does nothing!

var loadImages =
    init: function()
        var links = $( ".link" );
        myArray1 = [ 
        myArray2 = [ 
        for ( var i = 0, ii = links.length; i < ii; i++ )
            $( links[ i ] ).bind( "click", loadImages.imgLoader( myArray1[ i ],
                myArray2[ i ] ) );
    imgLoader: function( firstURI, secondURI )
        document.getElementById( "img1" ).src = firstURI;
        document.getElementById( "img2" ).src = secondURI;
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You have a comma at the end of your last item in each array...That's not good. It may be causing your problem. – David Jun 18 '13 at 23:25

You don't bind a callback function. You execute loadImages.imgLoader and pass the result.

Normally you could just bind a callback function, but since you're using a counter variable within the callback itself, you need to be wary of the scope of i:

$(links[i]).on("click", (function(j) {
    return function() {
        loadImages.imgLoader(myArray1[j], myArray2[j]);

A better approach would be to bind the event handler to all of the links at once and handle the image swapping without a for loop:

$('.link').click(function() {
    var index = $(this).index();

    $('#img1').prop('src', myArray1[index]);
    $('#img2').prop('src', myArray2[index]);
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Thank you so much! I think I do like the second approach better, but it didn't work at first. (I had to change the second line to var index = $( '.link' ).index( this );.) Anyway, I think I have a lot to learn about callbacks. – user2499073 Jun 19 '13 at 21:25

Try Using the .each() method.

var loadImages = {
  init: function(){
    var myArray1 = ['imgs/png/image1.png', 'imgs/png/image2.png', 'imgs/png/image3.png'];
    var myArray2 = ['imgs/jpg/image1.jpg', 'imgs/jpg/image2.jpg','imgs/jpg/image3.jpg'];
        loadImages.imgLoader(myArray1[i], myArray2[i]);
  imgLoader: function(firstURI, secondURI){
    $('#img1').attr('src', firstURI);
    $('#img2').attr('src', secondURI);

Also, you should use the keyword var so your variables don't have a global scope, and remove commas at the end of your Arrays. Visit for more information on .each().

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Oh, I am not familiar with .each(). I will check this out. Thank you. – user2499073 Jun 20 '13 at 23:36

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