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I have to iterate through a range of ip addresses in perl and print a list of all ip's in that range. for ex - for

My return value is,,,

Also I cannot use Net::IP or Netmask modules, so finding other ways to iterate.

Following solution works but has some problems i cant seem to figure out -

1 - my start and end would be perl variables "" and not as mentioned in the code below. The code below doesnt work with start=""

2 - How can i get a list of all ips appended at the end?

sub inc_ip { $_[0] = pack "N", 1 + unpack "N", $_[0] }
my $start =;
my $end =;
for ( $ip = $start; $ip le $end; inc_ip($ip) ) {
    printf "%vd\n", $ip;
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What makes you say that you cannot use Net::IP or Net::Netmask? –  innaM Jun 19 '13 at 8:52

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You seem to want:

use Socket 'inet_aton';
my $start = "";
my $end = "";
my @x = map { sprintf "%vi", pack "N", $_ } unpack("N",inet_aton($start)) .. unpack("N",inet_aton($end));
use DDP; p @x;
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Yes inet_aton and inet_ntoa. Just got the answer. Thanks –  user1060517 Jun 19 '13 at 0:34

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