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I found this great tutorial on using HighCharts with , very useful but I couldn't find a related API letting me only specify a part of data in the table.

For example, in the case above (I added 2 cols to make it more easy to describe), what should I do if I only want to use HighCharts to display the data in a range (in the red dotted range)

Is there some parameter like datarange:{[0,0,4,4]} or even sometimes I only want to take care of some more complicated ranges (in the second image)

High Charts Table source with desired ranges to show

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According to documentation:

 * table : String|HTMLElement
 * A HTML table or the id of such to be parsed as input data. Related options ara startRow,
 * endRow, startColumn and endColumn to delimit what part of the table is used.

You can use startColumn/endColumn but data range is unforutnaltey not supported. You can request your suggestion in userVoice system

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Short description of how data module works you can find in full version of that file.

As you can see you can setup startColumn/startRow and endColumn/endRow. Something like data range isn't supported.

There is columns/rows option, but it works in a different way:

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