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How would I do the Dart equivalent of this Java code?

Class<?> c = Class.forName("mypackage.MyClass");
Constructor<?> cons = c.getConstructor(String.class);
Object object = cons.newInstance("MyAttributeValue");

(From Jeff Gardner)

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The Dart code:

ClassMirror c = reflectClass(MyClass);
InstanceMirror im = c.newInstance(const Symbol(''), ['MyAttributeValue']);
var o = im.reflectee;

Learn more from this doc: http://www.dartlang.org/articles/reflection-with-mirrors/

(From Gilad Bracha)

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Both 'first' and 'classes' properties are not on LibraryMirror any more (I'm using 30188). How would you do this with Dart v1? –  ringstaff Nov 27 '13 at 15:55
Thanks, I've updated the answer. –  Seth Ladd Nov 29 '13 at 17:33
import 'package:reflection/reflection.dart';

void main() {
  var type = typeInfo(MyClass);
  var myClass = type.newInstance().reflectee;
  var myJack = type.newInstance(#fromJack).reflectee;
  var myJohn = type.newInstance(#fromName, ["John"]).reflectee;

class MyClass {
  var name = "friend";



  MyClass.fromJack() {
    name = "Jack";

  void sayHello() {
    print("Hello $name");
Hello friend
Hello John
Hello Jack
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