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I have a scheduled task which is running every 1 minute using rufus scheduler. There is no issues with its execution. But when i try running rspec, the task runs as part of it and does not let the rspec complete. How to stop it from getting picked as part of specs

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Probably something like in your scheduler initializer:

if Rails.env.production?
  # start scheduler and schedule stuff...


If you want to avoid running the scheduler in presence of Rspec you can do

if !defined?(Rspec)
  # start scheduler and schedule stuff...

It's a bit sad to mention the test framework in the code itself. It's probably better to say "let's not run the scheduler in test mode and do:

if !Rails.env.test?
  # start scheduler and schedule stuff...

So that the scheduler will run in production and development (or whatever env that is not test).

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I would like it to execute when the app is running in dev mode. But just want to avoid it from running as part of rspec – Karthik Paul Jun 21 '13 at 1:17
OK, let me edit my answer then. – jmettraux Jun 22 '13 at 4:07

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