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I have error in Spring JPA when I call findAll method:

org.springframework.data.mapping.PropertyReferenceException: No property package found for type models.Apk

public class Apk implements Serializable {

    @EmbeddedId private ApkPk id;
    @Column private String fileName;
    @Column private String description;
    private Date creationTime;
    private Date lastUpdateTime;

    @JoinColumn(name="appId", referencedColumnName="appId", insertable=false, updatable=false)
    private App app;

//Getters and setters

package mypackage.repositories;
public interface ApkRepository extends PagingAndSortingRepository<Apk, ApkPk> {

    public List<Apk> findByFileName(String value);



<bean id="entityManagerFactory"
    <property name="dataSource" ref="dataSource" />
    <property name="persistenceUnitName" value="myjpa" />

I have many repository classes but only this one occurs error. I found that Spring Data checks the naming convention according to the entity class, so my repository name should be ApkRepository. But it is not the case. What can I fix this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: When I do unit test, it works fine. I happens error when it calls through service class.

repository.findAll(new PageRequest(1, 30));
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I have realised that probably my problem was in a different place while looking into source code carefully. I am investing gate Page parameter when I passed to the repository class, actually a little bit custommised by myself. –  sunghun Jun 19 '13 at 2:15
I solved my problem. As I said above, the reason was because of one of properties of PageRequest class I passed to a service used by a PageAndSortingRepository was null and then it caused the problem. –  sunghun Jun 20 '13 at 0:43
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