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  • Application Type: mobile
  • Titanium SDK: 3.1.1.GA
  • Platform & Version: iOS 6.1
  • Device: iOS Simulator
  • Host Operating System: OSX 10.8.3
  • Titanium Studio:

I'm using the scrollToIndex method to scroll a tableView to display an entire row in view. This works fine for all rows except the last one. Right before I call scrollToIndex I'm updating a row with a new one that has a greater height. The scrollToIndex function does scroll to the last row in this case, but it only shows the top portion of it, and not the entire row. How do I get scrollToIndex to show the entire row?

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scrollToIndex function have an optional parameter, animation. Look here!!.

On iOS, you can specify TableViewAnimationProperties object to control the position that the selected row is scrolled to, and whether scrolling is animated.You can look at following links for more information

1.Table View Animation Properties

2.Table View Scroll Position

Hope it helped you.

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