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I'm trying to make a page with a form which would include a select dropdown menu. I'd like to have the select options come from the collection, rather than manually type them in the HTML. So far no luck. This is my code:


<template name="addPage">
    <div id="addForm">
                    <label>Select a genre:</label>
                    <select id = "genreList">
                        {{#each genres}}
                            {{> genre}}
                <li><input type="submit" value="Submit"></li>

<template name="genre">
    <option value="{{genre}}">{{genre}}</option>

js: (Using mongodb-aggregation for the distinct call)

Template.addPage.genres = function () {

  Activities.distinct("genre", function(error, result){

    var returnArray = new Array();

    for(var i in result) {
      returnArray[i] = { 'genre': result[i] };

    return returnArray;

With this code, the select dropdown form is empty. Is what I'm trying to do possible?

PS. I think perhaps the function Template.addPage.genres is returning before the array is filled...

Thank you!

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I solved this by using the rendered callback:

Template.addPage.rendered = function() {
  Activities.distinct("genre", function(error, result){        
    var genreList = document.getElementById('genreList');
    for(var i in result){
      var option=document.createElement("option");
      genreList.add(option, null);
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I've done this using Mongo's find method to expose the Collection to the template:

Template.addPage.genres = function() {
   return Genres.find({}, {sort:{time: -1}});       
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