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I'm having some trouble with nested Lists and Scala reflection.

How can I introspect a case class field of type List[List[something]]?

Some code here. It's stripped--in real life it builds static data about a reflected class. The interesting part is inspectField.

import reflect.runtime.currentMirror
import reflect.runtime.universe._

case class Pet(val name: String, val legs: Int)
case class ListList2(val name: String, val stuff: List[List[Pet]])

object Boom extends App {
    // Introspect class and find all its members (constructor fields)
    val symbol = currentMirror.classSymbol(Class.forName("com.br.ListList2"))
    val constructor = symbol.toType.members.collectFirst {
        case method: MethodSymbol if method.isPrimaryConstructor && method.isPublic && !method.paramss.isEmpty && !method.paramss.head.isEmpty => method
    }.getOrElse( throw new IllegalArgumentException("Case class must have at least 1 public constructor having more than 1 parameters."))

    // Loop through each field
    constructor.paramss.head.map( c => inspectField(c) )

    private def inspectField[T]( sym:Symbol ) : String = {      
        val cname = sym.name.toString
        println("Field: "+cname)
        val cType = sym.typeSignature
        if( cType.typeSymbol.fullName.toString == "scala.collection.immutable.List" ) {
            println("C: "+cType)
            val subtype = cType.asInstanceOf[TypeRef].args(0)  // Goes boom here on first recursive call

My case class specifies a field of type List[List[Animal]]. I expect my inspectField code to be called recursively. First time through no problem. It prints:

Field: name
Field: stuff
C: scala.List[scala.List[com.br.Pet]]

So far that's what I expect. Now on the recursive call to inspectField this time passing the subtype of the first call (List[Pet]). I expected output like this:

Field: stuff
C: scala.List[com.br.Pet]

Instead this goes boom with an error where noted:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException: scala.reflect.internal.Types$PolyType cannot be cast to scala.reflect.api.Types$TypeRefApi
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This snippet shows matching to pull apart the type, and the two calls to showType show what you're doing and what you intend.

val cType = sym.typeSignature
def showType(t: Type): Unit = {
  if( t.typeSymbol.fullName.toString == "scala.collection.immutable.List" ) {
    t match {
      case PolyType(typeParams, resultType) =>
        println(s"poly $typeParams, $resultType")
      case TypeRef(pre, sym, args) =>
        println(s"typeref $pre, $sym, $args")
        val subtype = args(0)
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Very cool, thank you! –  Greg Jun 19 '13 at 16:31

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