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Okay the code is,

code in first.php

<form action="script.php" method=POST>
<input type="text" value="<?PHP if(isset($_SESSION['info']['firstname'])){echo $_SESSION['info']['firstname']; }?>" name="firstname">

i have saved the file in php and the "script.php" page has all the code related to intialising the sessions in php like so

code in script.php

<? $info=new array();

now when i open "first.php" in IE, the textbox is being filled with

<?PHP if(isset($_SESSION['info']['firstname'])){echo $_SESSION['info']['firstname']; }?>"

why is it so.thanks in advance.

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Its look like you have a syntax error in script.php, it should be like this:

$info=new array();
$_session['info'] = $info;
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And session call is $_SESSION, not $_session –  Cesar Nov 25 '09 at 0:42

Are you sure you access the page via a webserver?

In other words do you access it by http://youserver/first.php and not simply open the first.php file in IE file file:///path/first.php

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You're likely seeing that because you've got <?PHP instead of <?php.

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