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I'm trying to understand exactly what happens when an instance of my app dies and at the moment I'm not seeing the behavior I expected. In short, I am pushing a simple ruby app (not bound to any services). scaling the app to 2 instances using the warden repl to kill one of the warden containers At this point I see the following message on NATS

Msg received on [dea.heartbeat] : '{"droplets":[

As you can see, one of the two instances has a state of CRASHED. I can look in the health_manager log and see that the heartbeat message is getting processed, but a new app instance is never started. I've done an initial read through the health manager code and haven't been able to find any evidence that a restart is tried.

What is supposed to happen as a result of the above message?

This is all on v2, btw.

(cross-posting on vcap-dev)

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