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While running selenium automation, some cases are failing because of slowness,some cases because of some other cases failed already (for example if selenium clicks an link , and that link shows the list of documents, from that document listing ,if selenium do some action, if the initial link is failed to load the document listing means, the whole case is failed , if many cases depends on the initial link means all the cases are failed, but those failed cases works well if selenium perform the same action from clicking on different link and getting document listing ), Any ideas to over come this problem

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Test cases should absolutely not be dependant on each other, which it sounds like they are. What 'slowness'? Have you observed the test run? Where is it slow? When it clicks the button? Actually finding the elements? The page load? What driver are you using? Show us some basic working code that is slow, and measure how slow it is. Are you using explicit waits? If not, why not? Implement them! –  Arran Jun 19 '13 at 9:03

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What you are describing is not Selenium limitations but just common chalenges of test automation that you will have to face.

About Slowness that make test cases fail. You basically have 2 strategies to make your test cases to pass. First one is to slow down the speed of execution of your test case (there are commands in Selenium lib for that). That's not great as your test suite will end up very long. Second way is to use "wait until element is present" technique. With that function, you can wait until a button is visible on the screen before asking selenium to click on it.

About test cases that depend one on the other. Here what you want to do is to break big and/or interdependent test cases into small and independent test cases. For example you could have TC1 that test that when clicking on a link it displays a list of document. If you want to do some action on that documents list in TC2, then you should find a way for TC2 to set its initial configuration without Selenium. For some web page it is going to be a specific/custom URL that can drive the display of some elements. For some other it might be a cookie. You have to discuss with your dev team.

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