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We can use syscall to print something with spim,like:

    la, $a0, mes
    li, $v0, 4

But after I tftp 0 file.bin and boot it didn't print anything to the serial port.

While in X86 int 10h works.

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int 10h provides functions for interfacing with the graphics card. Do you mean int 14h? –  Michael Jun 19 '13 at 8:44

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You would have to know what the serial port interface looks like on your target system. For example, if the Write Control and Write Data registers are located at 0xFFFF0008 and 0xFFFF000C as they are in SPIM you could do something like this (untested):

la $a0, my_asciiz_string
li $a1, 0xFFFF0008

  lw $t0, ($a1)  # check if the serial port is ready to be written to
  beq $t0, $zero, loop

  lbu $t0,($a0)  # load one character from the string
  beq $t0,$zero,done

  addiu $a0,$a0,1
  sw $t0, 4($a1) # write the character to the serial port
  j loop
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