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I have a View Controller that I want to re-use. I want to use it with a push segue when editing some data and I want to present it modally when adding new data. I do need a bar in the top with a Cancel and a Save button when presenting it modally. I only need the Save button in the other case.

Obviously, the bar (and buttons) are only shown when I use a push segue.

Is there a way to re-use this View Controller and be able to use both a push and a modal segue?

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You can do it as Mital says but if you dont want to add a Bool try this:

if(self.presentingViewController != nil)
    //VC is presented modally

   //VC is pushed

It works as a charm for me.

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Where would I put this code so that it runs when the segue pushes the new view controller? would it be in initWithCoder or something like that? –  Eric Jun 19 '13 at 16:45
You can do it viewDidLoad or viewWillAppear. –  satheeshwaran Jun 20 '13 at 4:35

You have 2 different Scenario, one you want to push and on the other hand you want to access it using segue, So, you can use flags for this. You can set a flag, and as per flag value you can set buttons and also push and segues as your flag's value.

in .h file:

BOOL flagForVc; // by default its 0 

you can check by using this flag and display as you want.

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Just embed your destinationController in a different navigationController say newNavigation apart from the original navigationController. When you push using

[self.navigationController pushViewController:destinationController animated:YES]; 

It will show the top bar . Keep all your buttons etc on this navigation bar . When you want it to be modal just use

[self presentViewController:newNavigation animated:YES], and configure your barbutton items as you need them depending on the case . You can just check whether it was a modal or push segue by checking 
if([[[self.navigationController viewControllers] objectAtIndex:0] isEqual:self])
//modal related code//
// push related code
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