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I have been successful in sending Packet of Disconnect to NAS using CoA port 3799 (from the terminal using radclient), but this only works if I can reach the port from the outside network (i.e if I setup port forwarding from the Internet router to the NAS or put it in DMZ).

I want to find out if it is possible to disconnect a user session without needing to reach the CoA port. Maybe if there is a way to send reject to the NAS on the interim account updates.

My setup is as follows:

Server Side

FreeRadius (with dynamic-clients enabled) 2.1.12-4 MySQL 5.1.69-1 (Used for RadCheck, RadReply, RadAcct and NAS list) CentOS 6.4

Client Side

Mikrotik NAS (RB750u)

I would highly appreciate any pointers and advice.


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No, there's not. But, your NAS may support the Session-Timeout attribute which you can include in the Access-Accept.


This may trigger periodic re-authentication if the NAS supports it.

You may need to include Terminate-Action


This may cause disruption for your users so you should check it in a dev environment first.

It may also support setting this value explicitly in the configuration.

Other than that, there is no standards based method of terminating a user's session other than DM (Disconnect Message).

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