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My goal is to develop a verry simple file browser using NSOutline view. I already know how to do this normally, but I am totally lost on how to set this up using the binding approach.

When using regular approach i can easily find out the children that are in the parent directory by writing code in the delegate call methods to find the file/folder count and names.. however, with the binding approach, I have to build the NSMutableArray before hand.. so, is there some where i can determine the Child contents of a folder? Any help/direction appreciated.

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I have created a little sample project which does just that.

  • Display a list of items
  • Edit the items in a master-detail fashion
  • Remove and add items
  • Usage of bindings along with a model class (Book).

Check out besi/mac-quickies on github. Most of the stuff is either done in IB or can be found in the AppDelegate


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Thanks. +1 for the sample code, but I could already do this. The problem i dont know how to do is... How do i make the sample code you provided to display the directory/file contents of your computer? like a file browser (using bindings) –  Jai Oct 11 '13 at 22:51

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