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I has setup a gear with Tomcat, MongoDB and RockMongo on OpenShift. I want to fill a collection with about 40000 documents via a JSON file. It works fine on my local machine with the commandline 'mongoimport'. Via RockMongo, I choose the collection where I want to import it, and then open the file. It looks fine on the first moment, but the documents are not there :-(

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Does it timeout or throw some sort of error? Have you looked into rockmongo or mongodb log files. See this KB (…) on how to check log files. If you are comfortable using mongoimport command, try importing with it. Troubleshooting issues will be easier with mongoimport. – Sumana Mehta Jun 19 '13 at 19:15

I would suggest ssh'ing into your gear and running the mongoimport command directly to import your collection.

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