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I will have millions of records in my Excel sheet provided by client, and I am finding a better ready made component or helper in CakePHP 1.3 version to import excel sheet to MySQL database records.

Please let me know earliest response with better solution.

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Millions of records?!? That's a significantly large document: What format of Excel is it? How many worksheets? None of the suggested libraries are going to work well if the spreadsheet really is as large as you say –  Mark Baker Jun 19 '13 at 13:32

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You need to use PHP-Excel-Reader

For that you have to add excel reader library in your Vendor folder like this vendors\php-excel-reader and yourdatafile.xls should be under webroot folder

function index(){
App::import('Vendor', 'php-excel-reader/excel_reader2');
$data = new Spreadsheet_Excel_Reader('yourdatafile.xls', true);

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I havent found a Plugin for CakePHP which does extensive work.

But you can use PHP Excel as vendors and just import it into the controller and go ahead and do everything.

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try using it

It works fine for me. Hope it helps u too

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