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I have the following style:

table.jqTransformTextarea td#jqTransformTextarea-mm textarea{

This works as expected in Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 7,8 and 6.

However, to make it work in Chrome and Safari I need to do:

table.jqTransformTextarea td#jqTransformTextarea-mm textarea{
    margin:10px 0 0 10px;

How can I set this style to Chrome and Safari only? I would prefer not to use JavaScript (or jQuery) to get this effect, and get the solution with CSS only, or HTML (but I don't know if there is a tag like: <!--[if IE]> that selects this two browsers).

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Just solved my own question:

@media screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0)
{ table.jqTransformTextarea td#jqTransformTextarea-mm textarea { margin:10px 0 0 10px; } }
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I'm going to try this, but it doesn't look future-proof to me; eventually the min-device-pixel-ratio property will come out of beta and the -webkit prefix will be removed. – thepeer Feb 10 '11 at 16:01

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