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I'm using powershell to remove folder permissions. My code is something like this

$folder = "\\myServer\C$\myFolder";
$folder_acl = Get-Acl $folder;
$permission_toDelete = $folder_acl.Access | where{  <# selection operation #> }
$permission_toDelete | Foreach-Object { $folder_acl.RemoveAccessRule($_) }

This code return a lot of True, but it actually doesn't change permissions. The user I'm using is administrator on that server. I also tried to remove inheritance with this piece of code $folder_acl.SetAccessRuleProtection($true, $false); but still have the problem

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All that left is to pipe the current acl (after removal) to the Set-Acl cmdlet:

$folder_acl | Set-Acl

All True output is the return value of each removed acl. You can suppress it if you want:

$folder_acl.RemoveAccessRule($_) | Out-Null
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Many thanks! I was missing that each operation in $folder_acl must be committed using Set-Acl $folder $folder_acl –  Naigel Jun 19 '13 at 11:15

You could try using ICACLS to remove permissions:

$folder = "\\myServer\C$\myFolder"
$SID = "user_01","Admin","User_32" 

# Removes a list of specified SID's from the folder DACL 
icacls $folder /remove $SID

ICACLS Syntax:


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