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i would like to pass a static variable across different php files,one of my collegue working in java have implemented it as follows 1.create a class 2.declare the variable as static final 3.where ever we want to access this variable value is did by classname.varaiablename

I wanted to do the same in php here i have my code ,i have more than 24 files in my project and i want this variable declared as staic file in all 24 files,i dont want to use session. i have a page 1.php the code is as follows

class Foo
 public static $url='';
    function GetReference() {
      return self::$url; // I want to return a reference to the static member variable.


$Inst = new Foo;
$Ref = $Inst->GetReference();

i have another page 2.php where i have accessed it as

echo Foo::$url;

i am not getting the value

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just include that file in all 24 files. include-once

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if you want to access URL as foo::$url, You need to make the static variable access specifier as public, not protected.

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i have completed my code ,can any one review whether it is correct or not – user2322631 Jun 19 '13 at 9:21
include page1.php, instead of 1.php and remove "$Inst = new Foo; $Ref = $Inst->GetReference();" from class file, else it will echo $URL twice. – Praveen Jun 19 '13 at 9:40

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