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I am working in a table with multiple data inside. When I add only the header, I can see the data in a good way, and the columns with different sizes.

Only headers

But when I add the data, all the columns go crazy, the widths are adjust to the headers, and the data dissapear.

With data

How can I get to show every data in the proper way?


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You need to derive table and override the method to create a cell then after a call to super set it to not end with 3 points.

You can also override the create constraint method and define percentages for the specific columns although this might not look good for all resolutions.

As a side note we made quite a few improvements to Table in Codename One and integrated basic Asha support as well.

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Thanks @Shai....best answers as always –  jmunoz Jun 19 '13 at 14:47

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