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This is possibly just the way I am accessing the resource object but I have the service below:

.factory('Salon', function ($resource) {
    // Service logic
    // ...

    // Public API here
    return $resource('http://api.appointeddcore.dev/organisation/:id', {id: '@id'}, { 
        update: { method: 'PUT' }, 
        query: { method: 'GET', isArray: false} 

I'm using the query method like this:

var data = Salon.query($scope.options);

From the console.log() :

Resource {$get: function, $save: function, $query: function, $remove:
function, $delete: function…} 
offices: Array[20]
total: 33
__proto__: Resource

My problem is trying to access total or offices I get undefined

console.log(data.total); // undefined
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Because Salon.query() returns immediately with an empty object and updates the variable data if the data is present, try this:

var data = Salon.query(function(callbackdata){
   //function is called on success
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Thanks for your quick answer that works perfectly, cheers! –  iamjonesy Jun 19 '13 at 9:54

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