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I want to host my ruby on rails application on Amazon EC2 server. I am following Rubber and Amazon EC2 railcast on Ubuntu. When I execute cap rubber:create_staging command, its showing error something like this --

* 2013-06-19 17:00:53 executing `rubber:setup_remote_aliases'
servers: ["production.ginfy.com", "www.ginfy.com", "foo.ginfy.com", "ginfy.ginfy.com", "temple.ginfy.com", "ibetter.ginfy.com"]
connection failed for: www.ginfy.com (Timeout::Error: execution expired), ibetter.ginfy.com (Timeout::Error: execution expired), temple.ginfy.com (Timeout::Error: execution expired), ginfy.ginfy.com (Timeout::Error: execution expired), production.ginfy.com (Net::SSH::AuthenticationFailed: root)

I already check google group and github issue regarding this issue, but nothing worked for me.

Any idea Why I am getting this error? I can't figure out problem. Please help.


I successfully hosted my rails application on Amazon. Now I want to know that How to run seeds.rb on Amazon. Is there any way to open console on Amazon ?

Here I mentioned my problem - How to run seed.rb file on Amazon ec2 [Solved]

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Yep!! Amazon Ruby on Rails hosting done. Now its working fine. Rubber is not worked for me.

I am using Elastic Beanstalk (eb) for hosting by following this tutorial


Its very easy to integrate and fast in deployment also :)

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