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I want to load schema from structure.sql file to my Heroku database. On my localhost machine I do as follows and all works just fine, all tables are created:

C:\> psql -U postgres -a -d MyApp_development -f C:\MyApp\db\structure.sql

I pass a local file name as -f option: -f C:\MyApp\db\structure.sql

When I do the same on Heroku, it complains that the app is not found. I think that it doesn't understand -f option. It cannot find file C:\MyApp\db\structure.sql on its server.

So how do I need to provide correct path relative to Heroku? structure.sql has to be located here on Heroku:


So I need to do something like this:

heroku pg:psql -U ... -a -d MyHerokuDB -f MyHerokuAppRoot\db\structure.sql

What is MyHerokuAppRoot? What with may substitute it?

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I found a solution. I think that the problem is that Postgresql takes only forward slash (/) as a directory separator. So when I provide Windows style paths, it doesn't work.

I did as follows. I connected to DB first:

C:\MyApp>heroku pg:psql DATABASE

Then I ran this command:

d17q2hrd89o9cu=> \i C:/MyApp/db/structure.sql

And all tables mentioned in local structure.sql file were created on Heroku hosting.

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