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I have developed web application for intranet , I have developed on asp.net 4.0 and IIS server 6.0 , database is on sql server 2008. it is working fine in intranet , but there is one urgency that we need to access this web application from internet, anyone help me for this.

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w3schools.com/hosting/host_intro.asp –  Anuj Jun 19 '13 at 10:23

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You need to forward port (preferably 80) of public ip address to local ip address of your web server, and that's it.

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It maybe as easy as some of the answers provided like port forwarding but in reality this question is a broad topic on networking:

  1. Determine your public IP addressing setup (static? dynamic?)
  2. DNS settings/setup
  3. Network infrastructure - router? firewall?

Port forwarding and such is only after #3, when you need to setup your internal (network) environment and make it "ready" for public access. Goes without saying this assumes you've completed setup of your IIS server - there are several ways to interpret intranet application....and that's not necessarily assumed to work for public access.

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