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I have built android from source with this instructions and soon I got a generic full-eng build. It also launching in emulator. Now I need to use this android distributive for testing any specific software.

I also have customized eclipse for working with android SDK and AVD; and those are working well too. But I need to change usable android virtual device to self-built android. I didn't find the necessary settings in AVD manager.

How to do I do this?

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I found solution!

1) Create in AVD manager new device with same API with as your self-built project is.
2) Go to ./out/target/product/$device/
3) Copy next files: hardware-qemu,ramdisk.img, system.img, userdata.img, userdata-qemu.img
4) Go to ~/.android/($device that we have created in step 1) and paste just copied files.
5) Now you can test your eclipse projects on self-built android.

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