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I am trying to put ads on my website using BuySellAds, but they are asking how many 'page impressions' does my website get. I did some searching and found out that page impressions are different than 'page visits' that Google Analytics shows: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/understand-web-traffics-hits-pageviews-impressions-unique/

Now how can I get the page impressions for my site? Please let me know about this. Thank you.

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In the context of digital analytics, the metrics pageviews and page impressions has the same meaning. You can use the volume of pageviews for this setup.

Just for online advertising context and adservers, impressions and views may contain different meanings.

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If you want to see impression of your website or blog just see the pageview in your google analytic, page impression and page view both are same things

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