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I have an object type created, lets call it "foo". This one inherits from "object" but has an additional attribute "fooattribute". My Application runs under lets say "fooapplication"

When I set this attribute to optional I can create an app owned object using the Graph API directly and all works.

I call the url: app/objects/fooapplication:foo With the parameter: object:{"type":"fooapplication:spot","title":"test","description":"","image":"someimage-url","fooapplication:fooattribute":"Test"}

But a soon as i set the attribute fooattribute to required, i get an error on creating objects:

Object Missing a Required Value: Object at URL '' of type 'fooapplication:foo' is invalid because a required property 'fooapplication:fooattribute' of type 'string' was not provided."

Can anyone help me and tell me, what I'm doing wrong?

I use an application authentification token to access my app. And the namespace and the attribute names have been exchanged ;-)

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I was actually trying to find answer to this very question. I came across this SO post that helped me: Facebook create Open Graph object with custom field

You need to pack your custom attributes into an object named data in the json you're sending to the open graph. So something like this:


Full disclosure I was doing this via the iOS SDK but the process seems to be the same. Hope this helps.

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