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I am using selenium for functionality testing.

When I testing on each browser , I would like to know any plugin can support to test UI ( cross browser )difference between browsers (browser compatibility).

Initially testing browser will be mark it as base UI reference. Now with reference to this , when i change browser (for functionality testing in selenium ) it should give browser compatibility for other browser.

Regards Sathish

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Selenium is a browser automation tool. It can only drive the browser by interacting with an HTML page loaded in the browser.

There are currently no plugins (and as far as I'm aware nobody has any plans to make any) that you can add to Selenium to enable it to automate the OS level GUI.

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I am not exactly meant by plugin .Idea is to find difference in UI difference , while changing browser.I Used word as "plugin" might be wrong . But I am search solution for, when ever I am changing browser can any UI tool can join the hand with selenium and show UI difference in browser. –  user2315332 Jun 19 '13 at 13:16
Define "Difference in UI" do you mean rendering differences? If so every rendering engine will render things in a slightly different way. It's really not realistic to expect the site to be a pixel perfect match in every browser, I would suggest you should be checking that it looks good in every browser instead. –  Ardesco Jun 19 '13 at 14:03

try applitools EYES. It can integrate with selenium web driver. it will give you identify differences in different browsers. Here is the tutorial on their official website.


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