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I am using the ASP.NET 2.0 and I am using local server --> SQL Server 2005 Development Edition. WHen I go into VIsual Studio 2.0 Professional and go to menu item WEBSITE --> ASP.NET CONFIGURATION, the ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool shows. When I click on the Security link, after about 30 seconds an error pops saying Unable to connect to SQL Server database. I can connect to the SQL database via Server Explorer in VS 2005 and also via Grid Control etc but I keep getting the error when I try to connect via ASP.NET CONFIGURATION.

I will greatly appreciate anyone help.


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Not sure if that's the problem, but the ASP.NET Configuration used to require the ASP.NET tables. You could create those with:

aspnet_regsql.exe -E -S localhost -A all

The aspnet_regsql executable can be found in:


See also this article on MSDN

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This answer and other research helped me get this working. I have summarized the steps in detail here

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