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I'm parsing some HTML with NSXMLParser and it hits a parser error anytime it encounters an ampersand. I could filter out ampersands before I parse it, but I'd rather parse everything that's there.

It's giving me error 68, NSXMLParserNAMERequiredError: Name is required.

My best guess is that it's a character set issue. I'm a little fuzzy on the world of character sets, so I'm thinking my ignorance is biting me in the ass. The source HTML uses charset iso-8859-1, so I'm using this code to initialize the Parser:

NSString *dataString = [[[NSString alloc] initWithData:data encoding:NSISOLatin1StringEncoding] autorelease];
NSData *dataEncoded = [[dataString dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding allowLossyConversion:YES] autorelease];
NSXMLParser *theParser = [[NSXMLParser alloc] initWithData:dataEncoded];

Any ideas?

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You're parsing HTML with an XML parser? How is that ever going to work? (Unless it's well-formed XHTML and doesn't use the HTML entity set.) Either way, a bare ampersand is invalid in both HTML and XML, so you'd need to seek out a parser for real-world broken-HTML, which is a much, much harder job than XML parsing. – bobince Nov 12 '09 at 0:49
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To the other posters: of course the XML is invalid... it's HTML!

You probably shouldn't be trying to use NSXMLParser for HTML, but rather libxml2

For a closer look at why, check out this article.

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Okay, then. Wrong tool for the job? Thanks for the tip. I may have to do that. – Silromen Nov 12 '09 at 0:55
Great point about the HTML, the NSXMLParser part threw me off. libxml2 seems like a very reasonable alternative. See this previous SO article: – Epsilon Prime Nov 12 '09 at 0:59

Are you sure you have valid XML? You are required to have special characters like & escaped, in the raw XML file you should see &

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Encoding the Data through a NSString worked for me, anyway you are autoreleasing an object that was not allocated by yourself (dataUsingEncoding), so it crashes, the solution is :

NSString *dataString = [[NSString alloc] initWithData:data

NSData *dataEncoded = [dataString dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding 

[dataString release];

NSXMLParser *theParser = [[NSXMLParser alloc] initWithData:dataEncoded];
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please edit your answer and format the code (it's unreadable as-is) – kleopatra Nov 2 '12 at 15:38

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