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Usually I start VS2008 without Resharper because it makes VS startup way too slow and I just need to fix a bug. But sometimes, I do want to turn on Resharper.

Is there a way to setup a keyboard shortcut that enables Resharper?

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Not really. You can disable code analysis using Ctrl-Alt-8 but that's not quite the same. – cbp Nov 12 '09 at 1:23

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To close out this question, I did eventually find an answer with R# 5.x.

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I haven't tried it, but Tools/Add-in Manager will let you dynamically load an add-in. You could probably use Tools/Macros to record yourself using the Add-in Manager and then assign a saved macro to a keystroke.

Alternately, see "How to: Run Add-ins on the Command Line" in the help; you could then create two shortcuts for VS with and without R#.

If you have sufficient memory it's simpler just to leave VS running all day. I wouldn't even fix a bug without ReSharper... :)

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