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If I don't use the html5mode, everything works fine. But when I activate it I keep getting 404 error on every request.

Here's the relevant code:


        .state('404', {
            url: '/404',
            views: {
                '': {
                    templateUrl: '404.html'

and I use the ui-route state provider :

$stateProvider.state('mandates', {
            url: '/domiciliations/mandats',
            views: {
                '': {
                    templateUrl: 'directDebit/views/mandates.html',
                    controller: 'mandates.ctrl',
                'menu-action': {
                    templateUrl: 'directDebit/views/menu/menu.mandates.html',
                    controller: 'menu.mandates.ctrl'

So if I try to access mydomain/app/domiciliations/mandats, I get a 404. If I don't use html5 mode, then requesting mydomain/app/#/domiciliations/mandats.

Any idea what I should change ?

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You need to make sure your server is setup to redirect all requests to your index/app. What server are you running?

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IIS. So switching to html5 mode is not enough, right ? What would the redirection look like in the above example ? –  Sam Jun 19 '13 at 14:46
Correct. You will need to modify your web.config to redirect for you. –  moderndegree Jun 19 '13 at 14:58
all is working fine now, I've done the url rewriting on the server side. –  Sam Jun 22 '13 at 9:17

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