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I use the AjaxFileUpload control in my applilcation, but each time I choose file (or drag) the control expend its width beacuse it has to show the file type information.

I tired to assign it with a css class and setting the width, but it still changes.

this is the pic before and after I choose a file: **this is the pic before and after I choose a file:**

this is my aspx part:

            <td style = "text-align:right;">

                <asp:AjaxFileUpload ID="AjaxFileUpload1" OnUploadComplete="AjaxFileUpload1_UploadComplete" runat="server" ThrobberID="myThrobber" MaximumNumberOfFiles="1" AllowedFileTypes="pdf,doc,docx,ppt,pptx,xls,xlsx,jpg,jpeg" CssClass="uploader"/>

the class:

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What if you put the uploader in a Div with that width set? Can you force it with the parent?

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