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I've been using Flash CS6 to work with graphics and I export swc files to use them in my FlashBuilder project.

Today I tried to use to new Flash Pro CC. But now I've got the following issue. When I try to Run/Debug my project in Flash Builder - compiling is never be finished. It stucks on 57%. And it doesn't show any error.

It worked fine when I used Flash CS6 to made swc files.

I tried to use FlashBuilder 4.5 and 4.7 with different FlexSDK (from 4.0 to 4.6). But it didn't help.

By trial and error I could figure out the problem is in any code I use in frames in my fla files. I use stop(); in many MovieClips. But that's enough that my projects can't be compiled.

I tried to comment stop(); but Flash Builder still can't finish the compilation. Only full removing all the code from my fla files allowed the project to be compiled.

Has anyone catched this bug too? Maybe is there better solution?

Sometimes I use stop(); and gotoAndPlay("frameName") in frames to loop some animations - it's really convinient. And I wouldn't to give up this convenience :-)

P.S. Just in case I work on Mac.

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First off I have no idea what's wrong. But to help you debug some more, swc files are just archives you can open with any program that would normally open a zip file. Within them there's an XML file that describes the contents (Manifest, called catalog.xml) and a swf with the compiled bytecode. You could try to run the same fla through both Flash Pro CC and CS6 then use diff to see where the changes are. Honestly though this will likely just get you enough information to file a bug and have someone with the source check it out. Also check your logs (Flash Builder and system). –  shaunhusain Jun 19 '13 at 17:07
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I would strongly suggest you to try other Flash Development IDE with this SWC like IDEA IntelliJ to check if the problem is related to Flash Builder or Flash Professional CC.

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