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Is there a way to reference another database from my database project without directly referencing it?

For example, I want to be able to write something like this:

  SELECT X FROM OtherDB.dbo.Table1
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Your best bet is to add a database reference to your project. For VS2010 and lower DBProj files, you'll want to generate a dbschema file and add it as a database reference. For SSDT, you'll want to use a dacpac file. This works well for projects that are mostly static and you can even tailor them down to just include the objects that are relevant.

VS2010, 2008 - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd193283%28v=VS.90%29.aspx has the documentation you'll need to export an existing database into a dbschema file. Place it somewhere your project can access it and add it as a "Database Reference".

SSDT - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh550080%28v=VS.103%29.aspx gives you the command line reference for generating a dacpac file. Once generated, place it somewhere your project can access it and add as a database reference.

I've got a blog post on this for SSDT here: http://schottsql.blogspot.com/2012/10/ssdt-external-database-references.html

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yes i am aware of this options but i just wanted to create view without any checking. i thought there must be a way to turn off this error –  aron Jun 19 '13 at 21:21
You can turn off the warnings for missing objects, but you may not be able to deploy without the reference. You can also add it as a post-deploy script, but it won't show up as something you can use in your project that way. –  Peter Schott Jun 20 '13 at 19:16
How do you turn off the warnings? –  Mike K Nov 13 '14 at 21:47
I had tried to create a DACPAC from the context Task menu in SSMS for this database and it kept failing. After days of manually importing the db with its tens of thousands of objects, I stumbled onto your response here and tried the command-line tool. Worked like a charm! Now wondering why that worked and the SSMS approach did not. –  Mike K Nov 14 '14 at 0:24
Wish I knew for sure, but I went through similar exercises until I realized that the command line "just worked". :) Glad that you have a working reference now. And remember that it's just a renamed ZIP file if you ever need to edit it to tweak things, though once you have a working build you can just use the dacpacs from the builds. –  Peter Schott Nov 14 '14 at 15:42

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