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I want to create a script for ROBLOX which would put a tool in the backpack of the player who clicked on a part. It is for a game which is going to be called Undead Nation.

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What did they click? A brick? A GUI? The mouse? –  Bubby4j Jun 19 '13 at 17:39

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ROBLOX has a ClickDetector object that allows scripts to detect clicks on a part through the ClickDetector.MouseClick event. One of the arguments passed to listeners to that event is the object of the player who clicked, so the listener may then put a tool in the backpack object in that player's object.

The following code, where tool is implied to be a variable referencing the tool object you want to put in the player's backpack (it will be cloned), should do roughly what you want if you put it in the part that should give a tool to the player when it is clicked:

-- Create a click detector in the part in order to be able to detect clicks.
local click_detector = Instance.new('ClickDetector', script.Parent)

-- Give the tool to the player when the button is clicked
  tool:Clone().Parent = player:FindFirstChild("Backpack")
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